Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where we were drinking tonight: Pale Eddie's Pour House

"Can I get a code for your wi-fi?" I asked the bartender at downtown Birmingham's newest bar, Pale Eddie's Pour House.

"Yeah, let me check on that," he said. As I awaited his return, I sipped my $9 Mason jar of Good People Snakehandler and mooched off Rogue Tavern's open wi-fi.

"It's not working yet," my bartender said. "Still trying to work out the bugs."

Not a problem, really, since I wasn't that interested in going online. I was more interested in what perks Pale Eddie's might have in store for patrons. A $9 beer should at least come with free wi-fi, and, eventually, it will.

Pale Eddie's Pour House welcomes guests with exposed brick, worn wood floors and inviting brown leather couches. The feel is more loft-like than bar.

A few minutes later I'm joined at the bar by a young man with a full glass of Guiness.

"Sorry about the wi-fi," he says. "We'll have it worked out soon."

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

What we're drinking tonight: The "We're Back" edition

Wow. An entire month with no posts. That just ain't right, is it? But the Beermingham staff has returned from its annual retreat refreshed and ready to drink some beer.

So what are we celebrating with? Great Divide Rumble IPA. We picked up enough for the entire Beermingham employee roster at HiPS because that's the kind of workplace Beermingham is. But what kind of beer is Rumble?

Thin. By that we mean the mouth feel is, well, just that. Thin. It has a good head and a hoppy aroma, but the light-golden color is indicative of its thin body.

Being oak-aged, Rumble is more than just an IPA. For the style, it's more malty and less bitter than expected. Some may like that, but around the Beermingham offices, the bitterer the betterer.

So, to sum up: Rumble is a thin-bodied, malty IPA with only 7% ABV. Worth $13 a half-gallon? Maybe, but an overwhelming majority of the staff is now wishing we'd gotten some Snakehandler instead.

Ratebeer gives Rumble a 96, Beer Advocate a B+.