Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sam Adams' Beer Lovers Choice

We made it to On Tap in Lakeview for the Sam Adams' Beer Lover's Choice. And if you didn't you should have.

We got to taste the American Rye Ale and the Belgian Style IPA.

We expected the rye to win us over, but in our opinion, the IPA was the clear winner. It was plenty hoppy without being overbearing. It had a similar color to Sam Adams' lager, but is a definite step above.

Anyone else attend the event? If so, which did you choose?

Check out Sam Adam's Beer Lover's Choice tonight

Head over to On Tap in Lakeview tonight (July 13, 2010) to help Sam Adams decide what beer to produce next. Attendees will get to taste a Belgian style IPA and an American Rye Ale then vote for their favorite. The event is going on nationwide, and the beer with the most votes will go into production. You can check out Sam Adams' website here for the event, but despite Birmingham not being listed as a location, we are assured by Supreme Beverage that the tasting will go on tonight from 6-8 p.m.

After you vote, let us know which one you chose.

Monday, July 12, 2010

What we're drinking right now: Great Divide 16th Anniversary Wood Aged DIPA on cask

we owe Birmingham Craft Beer Examiner for this one. He did a post last week alerting us to two upcoming casks at J. Clyde. One was a Lazy Magnolia Strawberry Summer, the other was this hugely tasty Great Divide.

This caramel-colored double IPA starts with sweet malt but taste buds are quickly overcome by massive bitter hops. That's when the 10% ABV kicks in and bitter turns to burn. But it's more complex than that, something you'll have to taste yourself to truly understand.

It's also a cask beer, which means it's served probably warmer than most are accustomed to. Usually that's even a problem for us. We were raised on cold beer and that's the way we like it. But cold would just totally kill this brew.

J. clyde says this one won't be around much longer, so be sure to get by there by at least Wednesday if you want some.

Again, thanks to Guillermo at Birmingham Beer Examiner for the heads up. Glad we didn't miss this one.