Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Independence Day! What're you drinking?

Our nation declared its independence 234 years ago. Beermingham only declared its independence from a limited selection of low-alcohol, average beer yet we've taken on the pursuit of good beer with gusto.

So with what hoppy beverage will you be celebrating the 4th this year? Something light and refreshing to quench the Alabama heat? Or a hop monster that will set off bitter fireworks in the back of your throat?

Unfortunately for us, there's already plenty of burning throats in the Beermingham offices. A cold? Strep? Who knows? No matter, the end result is that we'll likely be celebrating the 4th with watermelon, hot dogs, fruit juice (straight), Tylenol and Theraflu. But here's what we'd probably be drinking if we were free of this nastiness.

Avery Hog Heaven - Plenty of alcohol, lots of hops yet still fairly light for the heat, and as an American Barleywine, appropriate.

Rogue Imperial Pilsner - It's a pilsner, but it's definitely not Budweiser or High Life. And what's more American than a rogue?

Pabst Blue Ribbon - Low alcohol, light body, light taste. But low cost, red, white and blue can and few folks at your party will complain about their inability to stomach the beer you're serving.

And one of the best things about all these is that you can buy them in gallon jugs at five locations around town. Check the tabs across the top of the page for your source for all these and more. Oh, and drink one for us.