Friday, May 21, 2010

Let the Pig help you celebrate Craft Beer Week

Just read on the Free the Hops forums that Birmingham-area Piggly Wiggly stores are celebrating Craft Beer Week by putting some really good stuff on sale through May 25. Here's the list posted on the FTH by Tasha...

  • Abita, selected 6 pack bottles, $6.99
  • Anderson Valley Hop Ottin, 6 pack bottles, $8.99
  • Lazy Magnolia, 6 pack bottles, $6.99
  • Yazoo, selected 6 pack bottles, $6.99
  • Left Hand 400lb Monkey, 6 pack bottles, $7.99
  • Terrapin, selected 6 pack bottles, $6.99
  • Highland, selected 6 pack bottles, $6.99
  • Boulder, Mojo Risin 4 pack bottles, $9.99
  • Great Divide, Yeti Imperial stout & Hercules Double IPA 4 pack bottles, $9.99

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

HiPS filling growlers? Sorta

Loyal Beermingham reader Spencer tipped us off to a development over at Highland Package Store. Apparently on HiPS' Facebook page, they claimed to be filling glass growlers from their two-dozen taps. 
True? Well, yes and no.

We sent a Beermingham reporter over ASAP to check it out, and it's partially true. 

HiPS did post on their Facebook page that they were now selling and filling glass growlers. However, the store was visited a few hours later by an Alabama ABC representative who clarified a few things for the HiPS crew.

HiPS can, indeed, fill glass growlers purchased at HiPS. But those growlers cannot be returned to HiPS to be refilled. Not exactly what HiPS intended at first, but they still plan to go through with it. Why? Because for people who want to buy beer and travel with it, the glass could make all the difference. 

Hopefully it's a step toward a system more friendly to glass growlers in general.