Friday, April 2, 2010

What we're drinking tonight: Choc's Miner Mishap

Just the other night at the J. Clyde, someone asked me to recommend a chocolate beer that actually tasted like chocolate. I thought a bit, then a bit longer because I'd already had a couple of high-gravity brews, and couldn't really come up with anything. I suggested that if they wanted chocolate, they should go for a chocolate martini or a mudslide.

I remembered that conversation tonight as we tried Miner Mishap, another Choc beer. MM is a black lager with "roasted caramel and chocolate malts." That's what the bottle says, anyway. In a glass, the color is more of a dark brown, with a light off-white, short-lived head. The nose is definitely chocolate with a bit of a fruity scent. The initial taste is similar but changes to a coffee-like bitter. Mouthfeel could be a little more robust for us, but it's not unbearably thin.

So far, Miner Mishap is our favorite Choc offering, though we still bristle at the high price. We got ours at Vulcan, but we've seen it around town at other places.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Something's going on over at Good People

If you were in 5 Points South today, you might have noticed the glass missing from the Good People brewery. We can't say much about what's going on over there, but it's good news and bad.

The good news? Well, that's the part we're sworn not to speak of. Though if you do just a little poking around (and maybe even just call the brewery) you can probably find out pretty easily.

The bad news? In the near future, there could be a shortage, possibly even a drought, of Good People. So we suggest if you're really craving Fatso or  Snake Handler or Brown, etc., that you get to HiPS, Dee's, Vulcan or Bottle Stoppe and get you some before it's too late.

Much more to come in due time.

What we're drinking: GP Fatso

I know we don't talk much about Birmingham's own Good People Brewery (notice sarcasm), but tonight we thought we'd bring you a review of their Russian imperial stout, Fatso.

Seriously, though, we know we talk way too much about Good People as well as Fatso. But as much fun as it is to try new brews, sometimes, you just crave the familiar. And tonight, we wanted some of the best stout we've ever had. We got ours at HiPS, where, btw, we're told they're about to add yet another 14 taps sometime before the end of May.

Fatso pours an obsidian black, with a robust, tan head. The scent wafting from the glass is bitter, chocolaty and espresso. The taste is much the same, with just a bit of a bittersweet aftertaste. This is a fine, bold beer best suited for cold weather. But we'll keep drinking all summer nonetheless.

What's your comfort beer? Is it a common domestic that reminds you of high school? (Which reminds us that Vulcan has a dwindling stock of Little Kings) Or more along the lines of the somewhat exotic Fatso? Let us know in the comments.