Saturday, March 13, 2010

J. Clyde named one of the best beer restaurants in the world

We're a little late on seeing this, but one of the best restaurant in Birmingham to get a beer has been named as one of the best restaurants in the world to get a beer. ranks J. Clyde No. 22 on its list of top beer restaurants. It's the only establishment in Alabama to make the list, and finds itself in the company of eateries in Belgium, Canada, Italy, Sweden and Norway.

If you haven't been to the J. Clyde, well, we're surprised! They have the best beer selection of any restaurant in town and great food (we highly recommend the fried sauerkraut balls).

And here's a shameless plug for one of our advertisers. Click on the J. Clyde link at right to get a gift certificate for J. Clyde. Use the code mentioned on top of the ad for a huge discount, and enjoy a really break on the price of food. Yes we get a small percentage of sales from that link, but we've used the site many times and saved a lot of money on dining out.

Friday, March 12, 2010

New look! Same great taste in beer

After months of saying the blog needed a makeover, we've finally done it. But don't worry, we'll still have the same great taste in beer you've come to enjoy, the same sporadic posting schedule and the same big metal statue.

Is the new look Schaeffer Lite or Dogfish Head 120 Minute? Or do you care more about what's in the bottle than what's on the label?

Remember, the more comments you leave and the more times you visit Beermingham, the better beer we can afford. Please don't make us drink another 12 PBRs. A liver is a terrible thing to waste on cheap beer.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This just in: 24 taps at HiPS by Friday

That's what I was told during my visit to HiPS today. Sometime Friday, they hope to have all 24 lines pumping premium beer. At least five Good People brews and at least five Belgians, including Piraat and at least one from St. Bernardus.

Next Wednesday, St. Patrick's Day, HiPS is celebrating with a bagpiper and specials on Harp and Guinness.

Check out our HiPS page to see what draft they have on tap today, and check back Saturday to see what new ones are available.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What we're drinking tonight: Recession edition

HiPS has Good People Oatmeal Stout, Dee's has Great Divide Hercules. What are we drinking tonight? Schlitz. Well, actually, no. That's what we went to the store to get, but couldn't find any. In fact, it's hard to remember our last Schlitz sighting.

No, tonight we're drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon. It's cheap ($7.89 for a 12-pack!), tastes a little better than the stuff from Missouri (rhymes with Anheuser Tush) and still retains some of its late-90s coolness.

But it ain't Schiltz. So why is mass-produced Schlitz more difficult to find than a small-batch microbrew like Snakehandler? Because the 150-year-old beer is in the middle of a major makeover that includes going back to the original recipe that made it the top-selling brew in 1960.

Apparently this has been going on for at least a year now, and, of course, we're the last to hear about it. Alas. You people don't tell us anything! The Schlitz brewery is slowly re-introducing the new/old beer to select cities so maybe we'll be getting some soon.

So how about the Beermingham readership? In tough times do you suck it up and eat ramen noodles all week so you can drink top-notch beer on the weekend? Or do you get by on the cheap stuff until the you just can't stand it any more? If so, what's your favorite blue-collar beer? Any more Schlitz fans out there?

The art is a 1964 Schlitz ad that you can see in full here.