Saturday, January 9, 2010

And then there were three... places to buy jugs of beer

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First there was Dee's. And it was good. Then there was Bottlestop and it was ok. Next there were rumors of Vulcan Beverages, and it's still unconfirmed.

But now we can say with first-hand knowledge, that there is, indeed, a third place in Birmingham where you can buy a half-gallon of premium, high-gravity beer. And it shall be known as Highland Package Store. And it is good. No, it's really good. Seriously.

Yeah, we realize Highland Package Store (to be known as HiPS from now on), has been in its new location between Taj India and Western Super for at least a month. But we've been under the influence of Christmas lights and "Lost" reruns for a while.

Anyway, David at HiPS gave me a brief tour just a few minutes ago, which included the 10 taps in back. They're currently pouring half gallons of Abita Andy Gator ($7.99), Good People Pale Ale ($9.99), Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA ($8.99), Flying Dog Double Dog Pale ($11.99), Hercules Double IPA ($10.99), Rogue Double Dead Guy ($9.99), Sam Adams Winter Lager ($9.99), Terrapin Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout ($10.99), Moylan's Kilt Lifter ($10.99), and Woodchuck Amber Cider ($9.99).

David said they had Piraat Belgian Ale for $20 a half gallon, but the keg went very fast. Maybe you'll get some next time.

We're excited. Can you tell? HiPS is closer to Beermingham HQ, isn't filled with smoke, and has a much better selection than, ahem, other places selling draft to go.

And if that's not enough, David says they'll have 10 more taps by mid-march. Either this blog is gonna have to start making money, or we're gonna have to put in applications at HiPS.