Friday, August 6, 2010

HiPS ends rewards card, intros draft six pack

Just weeks after introducing their rewards card for draft buyers, HiPS is ending program. Jimmy tells us the program was quite popular with customers, not so popular with ABC. Alabama law doesn't allow businesses to offer discounts on alcoholic products unless the discount is available to everyone.

A rewards program open to everyone sort of straddles the legality line. While everyone is permitted to participate, it discriminates against those who don't buy enough beer to qualify.

A good (ie expensive) lawyer might successfully argue in support of HiPS' card, but the owners are choosing to play it safe.

But they have started a new promotion. Buy six quarts of anything they have on tap for $35. A great deal when you consider you can get a gallon and a half of Hopsickle for $35 when it normally would cost $44. Or take advantage of the opportunity and try six different brews with a couple of good friends.

Whichever you choose, choose soon before ABC realizes someone's having fun.

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