Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good things going on at Good People

Bruce Andrews works on re-creating the
Good People logo on the brewery's new home.
It's well known that Good People is producing good beer at their new facility. Perhaps not as well known are some things going on around their new home.

The most obvious is the new sign now gracing the front of the brewery. Musician and artist Bruce Andrews of Andrews Art has been hard at work during some of this year's hottest days re-creating the brewery's logo.  Looks great, Bruce! (Click through to the second part of the post to see the finished product.)

Jason Malone oversees the
beer garden construction. Click
through to the second half to see more
photos of the work.
Good People is also in the process of turning the gravel lot next to their building into something much more pleasant. Jason Malone tells us they are covering the barren rocks with dirt which will soon be covered in sod. It's a much-needed aesthetic improvement, but also a forward-looking renovation. If Alabama should ever change their beer laws, the sodded area will be the brewery's beer garden. Jason hopes he'll one day be able to serve Good People beer in this area and, with the planned stage, host parties.

We sure hope the Alabama Legislature sees fit to help some Good People out. Sipping a Snake in the Good People garden would be super sweet.

Click on the photos for much larger versions.

More photos from the work going on at Good People...

The completed logo.
From this vantage point in the beer garden, you can just barely
see the brewing equipment through the garage door in the center.

When Van Halen plays in Good People's beer garden, this is the
view David Lee Roth will have from the stage. OK, maybe we should
say IF instead of WHEN. Wishful thinking.

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  1. Spoke with the good people at Goodpeople yesterday and was really saddened to hear that the new baseball park (or its parking lot) is planned to go right on top of the brewery. This brewery is a great asset for the city and would be a fantastic neighbor for the new ball-field. How can we convince the city to work the brewery into their plans rather than destroy yet another fledgling businesses?