Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good People has taps, Snake handled

We knew GP was working on new tap handles, and now they're ready to show em off. They should start showing up in bars statewide soon.

And while we were visiting the brewery a few minutes ago, we were told Snakehandler was kegged and sent out yesterday.

In the tanks is a big batch of Hippie IPA. Well, as Jason Malone said, "The beer formerly known as Hippie." it seems someone else thought of that name before GP. So from now on, Hippie will be known as Hitchhiker. Look for that in bars soon, too.

UPDATE: Jason says Dee's has already tapped a keg of Snake. Get it while it's still there!


  1. Good People's beer is great, but I'd like my $5 (x2) back that I wasted on the growlers from 1.5 years ago that were never able to be used.

  2. Hang on to them. The may yet come in handy. Stay tuned.

  3. To trixter76- I think someone might take them off your hands if you post on the Free The Hops message board. Several stores around town have also started filling growlers, but you may have to trade yours in for a sanitized one from those stores.