Saturday, August 22, 2009

What we're drinking tonight: Good People Imperial Pilsner

Our last post excitedly announced the availability of Good People's Imperial Pilsner at Dee's Package Store. A few hours after that post we learned The Bottle Stoppe in Roebuck also has a keg of Good People's latest creation tapped.

So the Beermingham editorial staff loaded up in the beermobile and headed to Roebuck, dreams of beer dancing in our heads. Unfortunately, Bottle Stoppe hasn't yet worked out the kinks in their growler system. Literally, possibly. They had the GP IP on tap, but nothing was coming out. They offered to sell us a gallon of Andygator, but we passed.

And headed back to Dee's, where the Pils was flowing freely. Chris was manning the taps and pulled us the half-gallon you see at right.

Good People Twittered it as "Nonuple hopped for 3x the "uniqueness" of Miller Lite." That's selling it short, if you ask us. GP's Imperial Pilsner as far from Miller Lite as Barney is from Godzilla. Where Miller Lite is an almost tasteless, colorless, bland beer mostly suitable for washing dishes, Good People's Imperial Pilsner is full of hops, pours cloudy and golden, and has much more alcohol than Dasani. "It redeems the American pilsner," is one quote uttered during our tasting.

We all agreed it would make a tremendously good hot-weather beer, if it were only more widely available and, well, not $20 a gallon.

Bottle Stoppe said they hoped to have things flowing freely again by Saturday afternoon, so if you're in the area, stop in. If you're on the other side of town, Dee's currently has Good People IPA and Fatso on tap as well as Rogue Chocolate Stout.

Good People Imperial Pilsner at Dee's

Good People has been experimenting with different beer styles since they first put grain in water. Their latest style is an Imperial Pilsner. Jerry Hartley from the J. Clyde says this about GP's Imperial Pils...
"This beer is amazing. Beautifully hazy and golden. A hoppy glass for this beer which totally deserves a snifter. Great citrus hop aroma with a big white head that lasts a good while. So smooth - as smooth as Luther Vandross."
He even goes so far as to say it's Good People's best so far. You can read more of Jerry's review here, or just run over to Dee's and pick up a gallon of Good People's latest creation.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

On tap at Dees: Great Divide Hercules DIPA

Great Divide makes some really good beer, so imagine our excitement when we read that our favorite package store (that's Dee's, btw) is filling half-gallon milk jugs with their Hercules double IPA. Mmmm. We haven't gotten by there yet for some, but hope to soon.

A half gallon is $11.99, which is a great deal.

And last time we checked, they still had some Rogue Chocolate Stout on tap. Yeah, a little warm for stouts, but dang that's some good beer.